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Jurong Island


CIL’s plant is situated in the south central district of Jurong island, next to chevron, Teijin Polycarbonate Singapore and Sumitomo Seika. A global staff of 100 employees work here. As the main production plant of chemical industries, Sakra produces our products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Since 1998, the production plant was relocated to this site from the mainland. The Sakra CIL plant is one of the most state of the art production plants in the world and has been showcased in international chlor-alkali conferences.

Ever since our commissioning we have produced over 1 million metric tons of basic chemicals without ever failing a quality test. Cutting edge production technologies are used to manufacture our products. We guarantee the best product using a sequence of process modules that enable constant supervision throughout the system to ensure multiple levels of checks. With innovative production processes, we can adjust our product to fit our clients’ exact specifications.


Samulun Logistics Base


Samulun Headquarters has a multipurpose. It houses our support services as well as allows us vast reserves from which we can continuously provide our customers with the steady flow of the product they want. This is also part of the CIL Commitment to ensure our customers are always served despite the circumstances of the plant. All essential services are run here as well, blending, offsite storage, finance, and Management are housed here. 



Started as a simple transportation company to distribute products to our clients, chem trans has become a impressive operation which can handle any request from our customers. It boasts a comprehensive fleet of auto motives and works tirelessly to make sure all our clients receive the product they order on time. The operation is headquartered in Samulun logistics base for maximum logistical ease.